— Published 30 March 2023

IOC opens investigation into IBA

The fight continues between the IOC and the International Boxing Federation (IBA). The two parties return blow for blow. But they are doing it by the traditional way of the mail. In response to a letter from the IBA accusing the IOC of having used illegal means to obtain the personal data of boxing judges and officials, the Olympic body responded in turn with a letter, the contents of which it published on its website. It was also sent to all the National Olympic Committees. Not surprisingly, the text rejects the allegations of the IBA. Predictable. But the IOC is not content to deny any wrongdoing. It responded by announcing an investigation to “analyze all available elements, in particular expert reports, and establish whether there are still major concerns regarding the practices and activities of the IBA”. The next part of the story is going to be just as tough. Mark Adams, the IOC spokesperson, told a press conference on Wednesday, March 29: “To be clear, the IOC has no problem with boxing or boxers, but it does have problems with its suspended federation. If the IBA goes ahead (with its threat of legal action), the consequences will be considerable.” Suspended since 2019, the IBA is removed from the qualification process, and then the organization of the tournament, of the Paris 2024 Games. Boxing, for its part, has been provisionally removed from the program of the Los Angeles 2028 Games.