— Published 9 May 2023

IOC gives money back to the Chinese

The Chinese did not delay. Fourteen months after the end of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, they published the financial statement for the event. In advance. And without any unpleasant surprises. The Chinese organising committee made a surplus of 52 million dollars on a budget of 2.29 billion dollars. In the wake of this, the IOC took advantage of the visit to China of its president, Thomas Bach, to announce its decision to pay back its share of the surplus, i.e. the sum of 10.4 million dollars, to the Chinese Olympic movement. The money will go to the Chinese Olympic Committee. It will be used to support the development of sport in China, particularly in winter sports. While in China at the end of last week, Thomas Bach was informed, according to an IOC press release, that all the venues of the Beijing Games have reopened since the end of the competitions and that “legacy plans” have been put in place to ensure their use throughout the year.