— Published 18 November 2022

IOC and WHO make common cause

The IOC announced on Thursday 17 November that its collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO), which began in 1984, will continue with a new programme over the next three years. It is part of the Olympic body’s Olympism365 strategy and aims to “strengthen the role of sport in contributing to the global goal of reducing physical inactivity by 15% by 2030“. According to a recent WHO report, 81% of adolescents and 27.5% of adults do not do enough sport. The two partners will work together to provide advice, training and tools to sport and health organisations, “to help them design and implement programmes to help more people benefit from sport at the community level.” The IOC and WHO will also bring together policy makers, practitioners and researchers from across the health and sport sectors to share successes, lessons learned and good practice. Finally, the IOC pledges its financial and technical assistance to “support community sport and physical activity programmes implemented jointly by sport and health organisations.”