— Published 18 September 2023

Investigation launched against former financial controller

No respite for the Parquet national financier (PNF). AFP reports that during the summer, the French court opened a preliminary investigation into a former inspector from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, suspected of having rented family chalets in the Alps for a seminar organized by SOLIDEO, the public body in charge of building the Olympic facilities. Opened on July 11 following an article on the Mediapart website, the investigation was entrusted to the Brigade de répression de la délinquance économique (BRDE). The facts date back to 2019, less than two years after Paris was awarded the Summer Games in 2024. Jean-Christophe Martin, a senior civil servant appointed to ensure compliance with procedures within SOLIDEO, is alleged to have rented out chalets belonging to his family to the public body for a seminar. Organized over three days for 50 people in Valmorel, Savoie, the seminar cost SOLIDEO 15,000 excluding taxes, almost half of which was spent on accommodation. At this stage of the proceedings, it has not been specified how much of this sum was paid to Jean-Claude Martin’s family.