— Published 19 April 2021

Internal investigation at SOLIDEO

Bad times for the SOLIDEO. Slowed down by the appeals filed against the construction of certain Games venues, including the media village, it must face an internal investigation into the behaviour of several members of its staff. According to the Mediapart website, its management was forced to suspend three employees, suspected of having made sexist, homophobic and racist remarks. An internal investigation would even have been opened. The names of the three employees have not been released, but the Olympic Works Delivery Company told Mediapart that “individual measures that will be necessary will be taken and all lessons will be learned to further strengthen the system“. Two officials responsible for institutional relations, communication and security are targeted. They would have made discriminatory remarks, reported by employees. Still according to Mediapart, the general management of SOLIDEO would have already been alerted “in the past“. The subject was discussed in the social and economic committee (CSE), but also in the management meeting. SOLIDEO explains that it pronounced “disciplinary sanctions” and “calls to order” at the time.