— Published 11 December 2020

Infantino accused of unfair management

The troubles continue for Gianni Infantino. The FIFA president, already under criminal proceedings opened on July 30 in Switzerland for “incitement to abuse of authority”, “violation of official secrecy” and “obstruction to criminal action”, is the subject of a new charge. It comes from the Swiss prosecutor, Stefan Keller, who now accuses him of “unfair management”. The phrase, which may sound strange for a leader of an international sports body, actually refers to a private jet trip taken by Gianni Infantino in 2017, paid for by FIFA. The Swiss prosecution explains in a statement that “Stefan Keller is of the opinion that a criminal investigation should be opened for unfair management, on the basis of the investigations carried out” on a private jet flight between Suriname and Switzerland. But the Swiss magistrate forwarded his findings to the Attorney General of the Confederation (MPC), the Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office, because he does not consider himself competent to deal with the case. When the news broke, the FIFA president was quick to respond. “This statement is both malicious and defamatory in nature and demonstrates its extreme bias”, Gianni Infantino said in a FIFA statement. “Neither FIFA nor its president have ever been informed of these new spurious allegations and are therefore unable to comment on them, which is probably the intention of the special prosecutor”, the text published on Thursday (December 10th) continued. “FIFA and its president will obviously take all necessary legal measures and remedies to put an end to these baseless accusations”.