— Published 23 July 2021

Indonesia is going for it again

Indonésie 2032

Its bidding campaign for the Summer Games in 2032 was quickly cut short, as Brisbane rapidly outclassed the competition, but Indonesia is not giving up its Olympic ambitions. The Indonesian Olympic Committee announced it in a press release: the country is going to apply for the Summer Games in 2036. Its director general, Raja Sapta Oktohari, said: “We will not back down and will continue to fight for the Olympic Games in 2036.” Very quickly caught up by the Australians, Indonesian officials have set themselves the goal of being selected for the so-called “targeted” phase of the dialogue with the IOC, the second stage of the new selection process of the future host city. To date, Indonesia is the first country, among the rejected candidates for the Games in 2032, to officially announce its intention to try its luck again. India, Hungary, Qatar and Germany have not yet expressed their intentions.