— Published 29 March 2021

IIHF ready for a revolution

Revolution in sight in the ice rinks. According to Le Matin Dimanche, citing sources familiar with the matter, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) would be ready to modify its regulations to adopt in all its competitions the playing rules of the North American Professional League (NHL). The change would affect international tournaments, but also national professional leagues. The decision was reportedly taken by the IIHF Executive Committee, but it will still have to be validated by the Council of the Instance next June. For Danny Kurmann, the head of the referees committee at the IIHF, “this is not a change, but a revolution“. One of the most drastic changes could relate to the area in which the goalkeeper is allowed to manoeuver. The trapeze behind the goal, where he can come out to intercept the puck, does not exist in international hockey and in many European leagues. It could make its appearance at the Beijing Winter Games in 2022. The same goes for fights, which are permitted in NHL but sanctioned with automatic expulsion under current IIHF regulations.