— Published 11 July 2022

Ice Ribbon stadium opens to the public

The legacy of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games is already in place in the Chinese capital. The Xinhua news agency reports that the big track speed skating venue from the last Games, dubbed the “Ice Ribbon” opened to the public for the first time Saturday, July 9. More than four months after the end of the Olympic competitions, the ice rink remained as it was during the Games, still decorated with the rings and the logo of Beijing 2022. Even better: visitors are offered, in addition to a skating session on the ice ring, to pose with the mascot, the very popular Bing Dwen Dwen. They can also discover the wall of champions, where the medallists of the last Games are immortalized. Finally, the podium has been preserved, still installed in the center of the rink. It is even possible to go up there for a photo session. Price: 40 yuans, about 6 euros.