— Published 27 March 2023

IBA to double bonuses for female boxers

The International Boxing Federation (IBA) continues to dip into its war chest. Its president, the Russian’s Umar Kremlev, took advantage of a conference on women and sport held in New Delhi (India) on Friday 24 March on the sidelines of the Women’s World Championships to announce a doubling of bonuses for the next edition of the world event, scheduled for 2025. Gold medallists at the Women’s World Championships will now receive a prize money of $200,000. At the same time, the total prize money will be increased to USD 2.4 million. “We will double the prize money, and in the future I would also like to see boxers who finish outside the top three at the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships receiving prize money, and not just those who finish on the podium,” explained the russian leader. “Women should be allowed to reach their full potential, as is their right, and that is my mission and goal as President of IBA. I will do all I can to help women achieve their dreams in boxing“.Umar Kremlev also confirmed that conferences on women and sport would now be systematically included in the calendar of future major IBA events.