— Published 28 April 2023

IBA cuts ties with the US

Predictable and expected. The day after the announcement by the American Boxing Federation (USA Boxing) of its decision to leave the IBA to join World Boxing, the international body chaired by the Russian Umar Kremlev launched its response. It announced in a press release on Thursday 27 April that the American federation and all its members, including officials, coaches and athletes, would henceforth be “banned from having any relationship with the IBA”. They will therefore not be able to participate in its competitions, official or affiliated, including the world championships. “USA Boxing’s decision (…) prevents the boxing community from competing together and increasing the level of talent within the boxing family,” the statement suggests. The IBA also states that it has filed a formal complaint with the Boxing Independent Integrity Unit (BIIU) “against the individuals and entities involved in creating a rogue boxing organisation”. Translate, World Boxing. Olympic boxing’s new body was officially created in mid-April at the initiative of a handful of breakaway countries, including the US, Britain, the Netherlands and Germany.