— Published 19 January 2022

IBA and FISU make common cause

Still excluded from the Olympic movement, the International Boxing Federation (IBA, formerly AIBA) is turning to the university world. It announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with the International University Sports Federation (FISU). The agreement was signed by Umar Kremlev, the president of the IBA, and his counterpart from the international university sports body, Leonz Eder, interim president of FISU since the withdrawal of the Russian Oleg Matytsin. The agreement provides for the further development of campus boxing and competitions for university athletes. It will also include joint educational initiatives and the promotion of common values, including gender equality, sustainability, fair play and integrity. As part of the agreement, IBA will support the World University Games, the next summer edition of which is scheduled to take place from 26 June to 7 July 2022 in Chengdu, China, as well as other FISU-stamped world competitions. At the top of the list is the World University Boxing Championships, organised every two years by FISU since 2004. Boxing will also be on the programme of the first edition of the University Combat Sports World Cup, a new FISU multi-sport event, scheduled this year with boxing, karate, muay thai, sambo, wrestling and wushu on the bill.