— Published 12 January 2023

Hong Kong will have to be more Chinese

Controversy in sight. With less than two years to go before the Paris 2024 Games, the Chinese authorities want Hong Kong sports federations to include the name “China” in their official names. AFP reports that they will have to do so by July 1, 2023 at the latest, or risk losing their funding. To date, fewer than 20 of the 83 federations affiliated to the Hong Kong Olympic Committee carry the name China. Swimming – Hong Kong China Swimming Association – is in the minority. Football, on the other hand – Hong Kong’s football association – is in the majority camp. According to the South China Morning Post, the request from the city’s National Olympic Committee could have an impact on sports organisations obtaining funding or participating in major competitions. As a reminder, Hong Kong is an administrative region of China, but participates separately in international sports competitions, including the Olympic Games. At the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games, its delegation took 49th place in the medal table, with six places on the podium, including one title. China, on the other hand, placed second behind the United States, with 88 medals, 38 of which were gold.