— Published 16 September 2021

Hong Kong postpones the 2022 edition

Gay Games

Surprising. The next edition of the Gay Games, planned for the first time in Asia, in Hong Kong, has been postponed for one year. So far, nothing really unexpected, as all the sports events organised in China have been cancelled or postponed because of the sanitary crisis. But the Gay Games were supposed to take place in November 2022. The postponement, announced on Wednesday, September 15th, by the organisers, is declared 14 months before the event. A record. Officially, the reasons are sanitary and logistical, with travel restrictions linked to the coronavirus making it uncertain whether competitors will be able to come to Hong Kong. Currently, foreign visitors are subject to a one to three week period of isolation in a hotel. “The unpredictable progression of COVID variants and corresponding travel restrictions continue to make it difficult for participants from around the world to make plans to travel to Hong Kong,” said Dennis Philipse, the co-chair of the Gay Games Hong Kong, in a statement. But it is not beyond the realm of possibility to think that this decision, announced more than a year in advance, threatens the organisation of the event itself. Several LGTBQ activists in Hong Kong have been jailed for taking part in the democratic protest movement. Some pro-Beijing politicians have made homophobic comments about the Gay Games. Recently, organisers have admitted that they are having the greatest difficulty in booking competition venues due to lack of government support.