— Published 5 March 2021

Helsinki laboratory regains accreditation

The parenthesis is closed. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced on Thursday (March 4th) that its president, Polish Witold Bańka, had approved the reinstatement with immediate effect of the accreditation of the Helsinki doping control laboratory. The Finnish facility can resume all anti-doping activities, including urine and blood tests. Extremely rare: the suspension of the Helsinki laboratory was not linked to an analysis or compliance problem. It had been pronounced at the request of the Finns. In February 2019, the Helsinki laboratory informed WADA of its wish to self-suspend its anti-doping activities in order to finalise its relocation plan to new facilities. It was therefore suspended on February 15th, 2019. Now installed in its new premises, it meets all the requirements and can regain its accreditation.