— Published 4 June 2021

Heads of State will be able to travel with more people

tokyo 2020

With less than 50 days to go before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games, the Japanese authorities are reportedly ready to make sanitary measures imposed on participants more flexible. But it will not concern everyone. According to NHK, the Japanese government is considering allowing the heads of state and government who will be attending the Games to be accompanied by a larger delegation. Japanese authorities had initially set a maximum of 12 people for delegations led by a head of state or prime minister. However, the limit could be raised to 18 people, or even a maximum of 40 in extreme cases. The Japanese government reportedly decided to review its plans after receiving complaints from several countries that the original 12-person delegation was not sufficient to ensure the safety of dignitaries. The authorities will ask members of the official delegations to be vaccinated against COVID-19, but also to limit their stay in Tokyo to five days and four nights.