— Published 22 August 2022

Heads change

There has been a change in the cast of the Brisbane 2032 Board of Directors. Two new entrants have been appointed by the political authorities to sit around the table: Graham Perrett, a Labor MP for the Moreton constituency, and Anika Wells, the new Sports Minister. Both were appointed by the federal government of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Neither appointment comes as a surprise. Graham Perrett and Anika Wells replace Ted O’Brien and Richard Colbeck respectively, who were removed from the Brisbane 2032 board after the departure of former Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Anika Wells is a former lawyer from Brisbane. Graham Perrett was a long-time teacher before embarking on a political career. Another change is the arrival of Clare Stewart, the mayor of Noosa, to replace Karen Williams, the mayor of the Brisbane suburb of Redland City, who was forced to step down after being involved in a drink-driving accident. The Brisbane 2032 Games Organising Committee has a 21-member board of directors. It is chaired by Andrew Liveris, former chairman and chief executive of the Dow Group.