— Published 5 May 2022

Hauts-de-Seine is looking for its volunteers

The recruitment of volunteers for the Paris 2024 Games will not begin until the first quarter of 2023, but the Hauts-de-Seine department is already getting into the swing of things. It has announced the opening of a pre-selection platform designed to find 500 volunteers from the 36 municipalities in the area. Any person over the age of majority on 1 January 2024 can apply: students, working people, retired people, people with disabilities, etc. Applicants have until 15 September to create an account on the platform, complete their profile and answer three quizzes on the history of the Games, the volunteers’ programme and the national secular charter. Note: the aim of the operation is to carry out a pre-selection. The list of candidates will then be submitted to the Paris 2024 OCOG on 30 September. The pre-selected candidates will have privileged access to the Paris 2024 bidding platform from January 2023, one month before it opens to the general public. The organising committee will then study each application to validate the selected candidates. The OCOG estimates that it needs between 35,000 and 45,000 volunteers for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.