— Published 3 August 2023

Gwen Berry will not be attending the Games

A new case of doping in athletics. This time it does not concern Kenya, but the United States. The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has announced that hammer thrower Gwen Berry has been suspended for 16 months. She tested positive last March for canrenone, a substance classified as a masking agent. The reason was that she was taking a drug for which she did not have a Therapeutic Use Exemption. Her suspension began on 28 April this year and will end on 28 August 2024, after the Paris 2024 Games. Aged 34, Gwen Berry caused a sensation at the Pan-American Games in 2019, when she raised her fist on the highest step of the podium to denounce racial injustice in the United States. Two years later, she turned her back on the American flag during the medal ceremony at the US Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon (photo above).