— Published 28 January 2021

Governments are extending the sauce

Good news for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). It has just received additional financial contributions from four governments, all European, representing Cyprus, France, Greece and Poland. Total revenue: approximately $200,000. They will be devoted, said WADA in a statement, to the scientific research and intelligence activities and investigations of the agency. These commitments are in addition to annual government contributions to WADA’s budget, which are matched by the IOC on behalf of the sports movement. Other good news: the IOC having decided in November 2019 to systematically double the additional contributions of governments, WADA will therefore inherit a kitty of 400,000 additional dollars. In detail, the French government has pledged to add $60,000, Poland has already contributed $108,000, Greece $24,300, and Cyprus is granting a more modest extension of $3,201. Last December, WADA announced the first additional contribution received from China (approximately $1 million), plus additional commitments from the governments of Egypt ($100,000), India ($1 million), and Saudi Arabia ($500,000). They will all be doubled by the IOC.