— Published 23 January 2023

GIP stays on course

RWC 2023

Business is piling up at its door, but the organising committee for the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France is keeping its head on straight and its eyes on the goal. Its president, Jaques Rivoal, assured this over the past weekend in an interview with AFP. “These are events that are a bit behind us today,” he suggested, referring to the ongoing investigations against former director general Claude Atcher, who was pushed out in October. It only confirmed that the decisions that were taken this summer were the right ones. We have not been affected at all by the news, which has indeed been a bit turbulent. The two best signs are that the tickets sold very well and that all the sponsors joined us and remained faithful to us. Today, we are completely on track to achieve what will be a great popular festival. The next step for the GIP France 2023 is a meeting of the board of directors on 2 February, during which a revised budget will be presented. For the first time, we have done a transparent job to present a completely consolidated result,” Jacques Rivoal explains. What I can tell you is that we will be able to present a result that will be at the level of best benchmarks in the history of World Cups. During the bidding phase, Claude Atcher had claimed that he could make a profit of €200 million. At the last count, the prediction was revised downwards, with a positive result of around 40 million euros.