— Published 20 October 2021

Gianni Infantino to listen to Thomas Bach

Gianni Infantino and FIFA are in the process of discussing the controversial issue of holding the World Cup every other year. The FIFA president, who is on a visit to South America, took advantage of a stopover in Argentina at the start of the week to talk about his project once again. “I myself had refused to organise a World Cup every two years, because that would mean changing a dogma,” he admitted. “But if we carry out a complete and thorough analysis, we understand the benefits that could be gained from such a change in the calendar.” Gianni Infantino also repeated his promise to unveil a decision in the coming weeks, certainly before the end of the year. In the meantime, he said he was determined to listen to all stakeholders, including the continental associations and… the IOC. “We will listen to the IOC president and all the associations to complete our analysis,” said the FIFA president during his visit to Argentina. “I want to achieve a consensus between all the stakeholders involved in football”. The IOC Executive Board, which met in Athens at the end of last week, said it was very concerned about FIFA’s plan to organise the World Cup in even-numbered years. It particularly called for extensive consultation with all parties involved. A spokesman for the Olympic body confirmed that Gianni Infantino, who is an IOC member, had never discussed his plans for an overhaul of the international calendar with Thomas Bach before making them public.