— Published 4 March 2021

France Sport Expertise joins the adventure

A few months before the Tokyo Games, and less than four years before Paris 2024, the GIE France Sport Expertise has become an official partner of the FrancsJeux website. Thanks to this partnership, the GIE FSE not only contributes to the influence of the French-speaking world of sport in the international Olympic movement, but it will also be able to inform all sports stakeholders of the latest news from its members. The France Sport Expertise (FSE) economic interest group was created on November 28th, 2019, according to the wishes of the sports economy sector and with the benevolent attention of the public authorities. Its 24 members – world leaders in their fields, large companies, SMEs and VSEs in the sector of benchmark solutions in the sports economy markets – wished to join forces to make the range of their know-how and their expertise better known internationally, from the design of sports equipment to infrastructure management, including the digital economy and the organisation of major international sporting events.