— Published 5 October 2022

France proposes a trio of measures

Surprising. According to its deputy vice-president, Philippe Diallo, the French Football Federation (FFF) is currently working with several other national federations on the creation of a compensation fund for victims of work-related accidents on the 2022 World Cup sites in Qatar. “We have spoken to around ten federations to work on a triptych of proposals,” he explained on Tuesday 4 October at the Think Football forum in Paris. In detail, the “triptych” in question would consist of a reception centre for migrant workers, a compensation fund for victims of work-related accidents on the World Cup sites, and finally the wearing of armbands with coloured stripes by the captains of the qualified teams as a sign of inclusion. Philippe Diallo explained that these proposals have been submitted to FIFA and the organising committee. “We are trying to be pragmatic, to be efficient,” suggested the French leader. “Our choice is to accompany developments, not to boycott, to ensure without arrogance with regard to the host country that the developments we are beginning to see can continue.” The reaction of the NGO Amnesty International France, through one of its spokespersons, Lola Schulmann, quoted by AFP: “We welcome this statement and the fact that the FFF supports this compensation fund. The objective now is for the FFF to make its voice heard within FIFA and for FIFA to commit itself to the workers.” Amnesty International and several other NGOs have been calling on FIFA for several months to set up a compensation fund for victims of accidents on the 2022 World Cup construction sites. They are proposing that the fund be endowed with a minimum of 400 million dollars, equivalent to the prize money promised to the 32 teams that have qualified for the finals.