— Published 24 August 2021

Four stages for the 2021 World Cup


Good news for the world’s best swimmers: the International Swimming Federation (FINA) has confirmed the definitive calendar for the World Swimming Championships (25m) in 2021. The programme includes four stages allocated throughout October, in Berlin (1st-3rd), Budapest (7th-9th), then Doha (21th-23rd), and finally Kazan, in Russia (28th-30th). They will qualify for the 15th World Swimming Championships (25m), scheduled in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) from December 16th to 21st, 2021. A prize fund of 224,000 dollars will be awarded to the first 20 swimmers of each stage. At the end of the circuit, a second prize money reaching USD 556,000 will be awarded to the top 10 swimmers of the series based on the overall ranking. In total, the prize money distributed by FINA for the 2021 World Cup therefore reaches 1.425 million dollars.