— Published 24 April 2023

Four million subscribers

The figure is impressive, but it is a little misleading. The Paris 2024 OCOG announced it at the end of last week, the day after the draw registration period closed: four million people have registered for the second phase of ticket sales for the next Olympic Games. It will start on 11 May, preceded by a draw, and will include single tickets for all sessions and ceremonies, amounting to approximately 1.5 million tickets. Four million registrants is more than the first phase of sales. But it includes people who were already registered in the first phase draw and who were automatically registered for the second phase. This second ticketing phase will not be the last. It will still be possible to buy tickets at the end of 2023 and again next year, when tickets that have already been sold will be put back on the market. These last sales phases will no longer be preceded by a draw, as was the case for the first two phases, but will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.