— Published 6 April 2023

Former military officer in charge of security

A career military officer at the Paris 2024 OCOG. The organising committee of the next Summer Games announced the appointment of Bruno Le Ray (photo above), the former military governor of Paris, as director of security. The former commander of all the military resources deployed in the eight departments of Ile-De-France, he arrives on familiar ground, since he joined the OCOG in 2020 as a special advisor, in charge of security-related issues. He is now more firmly in place, among the directors, reporting to Etienne Thobois, the number 2 of the organising committee. According to the official press release, Bruno Le Ray “will ensure, in the continuity of his missions, the piloting and coordination of the security of operations within the sites of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, in connection with the State services.”