— Published 8 April 2021

Five hours to sell it all

The popular success of the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France is confirmed. The organisers launched Tuesday, April 6th at 6pm sharp the second phase of ticket sales, dedicated to packs for the general public. No less than 350 000 tickets have gone on sale to fans around the world. According to the organising committee, they found buyers within five hours. Claude Atcher, General Manager France 2023, explains in a press release: “These 350 000 tickets sold in record time confirms the worldwide interest in this Rugby World Cup. We have met the expectations of French and international supporters, both in terms of the products offered and the prices charged”. The demand was so great that, like the first phase, the servers quickly became saturated. Only an hour after opening, some team packs were already no longer available, including those for France, England, Japan and New Zealand. “There are only South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Scotland, Fiji, Ireland, Italy and Wales packs left“, warned the France 2023 organising committee on Tuesday April 6th at 7:00 pm The disappointed with these first two phases will be able to try their luck once again in the fall of 2021, when another round of tickets for the group stages, but also for the finals, will be available to the general public.