— Published 28 April 2022

First Olympic record

The Australians of Brisbane 2032 have broken a new Olympic record without having sought it: on Wednesday 27 April, they held the first meeting of the organising committee of the Summer Games. More than ten years before the event. Around the table, the 21 recently appointed members of the Brisbane 2032 board of directors, including the president, Andrew Liveris, and the unavoidable John Coates, who will give up his chair as president of the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) on Saturday 30 April after more than thirty years in power. According to Andrew Liveris, the former CEO of the Dow Chemical Group, the first priorities of the organising committee will be to recruit a chief executive and to launch the search for national and international partners. “The recruitment of a general manager is very, very important, he acknowledged. He or she will have to start planning for the remaining ten years until the Brisbane 2032 Games.” No name has yet been released to the media on the identity of the future chief executive, but recruitment is expected to take place in the coming weeks. Andrew Liveris also told the media on Wednesday (27 April) that he plans to use the summer months in the northern hemisphere to meet with the Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028 and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) teams.