— Published 1 September 2023

Finland joins the dissent

The list goes on. Finland has decided to leave the International Boxing Federation (IBA) and join its competitor, World Boxing. The decision was taken at a general meeting of the Finnish Boxing Federation (FBF). According to its executive director, Marko Laine, it was motivated by the very close ties between the IBA and Russia, and its decision to allow Russian and Belarusian boxers to compete under their colors and flags in international competitions. The FBF has not yet officially left the IBA, but it has launched the process of affiliation to World Boxing. The new boxing body, created last spring, already has twelve members: the USA, New Zealand, Great Britain, England, the Netherlands, Canada, Honduras, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Sweden and Australia. It will hold its first congress in November. It will be dominated by elections to governance positions, including the role of president. To take part in the congress, and present possible candidates, national federations will need to have completed the process of affiliation to World Boxing.