— Published 24 March 2023

FIFA launches the race for the 2027 Women’s World Cup

It’s on. FIFA announced on Thursday 23 March the opening of the bidding process for the organization of the Women’s World Cup in 2027. It wants to be the most “exhaustive” in the history of the competition. Everything will start for the applicant countries with a declaration of interest, to be submitted no later than April 21, 2023. The intentions of candidature will have to be sent before May 19, 2023. After the organization of an information seminar and an observer program during the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in August, the bidding documents will be submitted to FIFA by December 8, 2023. The international body will then send an inspection team to each candidate country in February 2024. The team will be responsible for drawing up an evaluation report. The bids selected by the Council will be presented to the FIFA Congress on May 17, 2024. There will be no more than three candidates. Finally, the designation of the host country or countries for the 2027 World Cup will take place during the second quarter of 2024. For the first time, it will be decided by a public vote of the members of the Congress of the body. Two bidding projects have already emerged for the 2027 World Cup, led respectively by South Africa and a European trio formed by the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The United States could also enter the race.