— Published 19 October 2021

FIFA consults coaches

World Cup

Step by step, FIFA is pushing ahead with its plan to hold a World Cup every other year. The international body had announced its intention to launch a vast consultation at the global level. It is keeping its word. Two videoconferences, the first scheduled for Tuesday, October 19th, and the second for Thursday, October 21st, are being offered to the 211 national team coaches in the world. In both cases, there is only one agenda: an exchange with Arsène Wenger, FIFA’s director of football development, on the new international calendar. The discussions will focus on players’ health, international match periods, and of course the frequency of the World Cup. “The views of the men’s national team coaches are very important,” said Arsène Wenger in a FIFA statement. “We don’t often have the opportunity to get together and talk. So we have to seize the opportunity to talk when we do. This is the best way for us to protect football’s place in the world and to make our sport truly global”. At the same time, FIFA recalls that it has opened a space on its official website where fans around the world can express their ideas and comments on the new international match calendar. A separate consultation on the future of women’s football will be conducted later, led by former USA coach Jill Ellis.