— Published 27 April 2021

European Championships postponed after the Games

The list of international events postponed or cancelled for health reasons is still growing. The latest is the 2021 European Fencing Championships. Originally scheduled for June 15-20 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, just before the Tokyo Games, they were postponed to a later date. The general secretary of the European Fencing Federation, Jacek Slupski, announced this Monday, April 26th, in a letter to the national federations, but without specifying when the continental meeting could be held. The only certainty: it will take place after the Tokyo Games, probably in October 2021. Explanation: the health risk. Not all hired fencers are vaccinated against COVID-19 yet and may not be by mid-June. The risk would then be very great for certain countries, including France, of seeing their personnel contaminated and not being able to prepare normally for the Tokyo Games.