— Published 9 March 2023

Europe plays the women’s card

The feminization of international athletics does not only concern World Athletics. The European Athletics Association is following the same path. The continental body announced on Wednesday, March 8, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, that a new regulation on gender parity will be applied at the next elective congress, scheduled for April 21-23 in Belgrade, Serbia. It states that the governance quartet, consisting of the president and three vice presidents, must now include two people of each gender. Under the new statutes, the other 13 members of the Board must include at least five people of each gender. European Athletics also explains that the last edition of the European Indoor Championships, held last week in Istanbul 2023 (pictured above), was the first where the number of female athletes competing – 278 – exceeded the number of male athletes (274). It was also the first major European competition where two female announcers were present.