— Published 19 April 2023

Europe joins the group

Things are moving forward in table tennis on the Russian and Belarusian file. But they are doing so in stages. The executive committee of the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) met earlier this week in Sarajevo to discuss the hottest topic in the Olympic movement. To decide to join the working group formed by the international federation (ITTF) to explore a way for a back of Russian and Belarusian table tennis players in international competitions. The decision was taken by a majority of the ETTU Executive Committee members. The working group in question, formed at the initiative of the ITTF, will also include representatives of the Russian Table Tennis Federation. So the process has started. But it may take some time before Russian and Belarusian athletes participate in international competitions. As a reminder, the ITTF was the second international body, after the FIE (fencing), to follow the recommendation of the IOC Executive Board and open the door – under conditions – to Russians and Belarusians.