— Published 21 April 2021

English clubs leave the ship

End of the day for the European Football Super League project? Likely. Just forty-eight hours after it was announced, the ordeal lost much of its troops. Five English clubs announced their decision to abandon ship on Tuesday (April 20th). Manchester City put their thumbs up first. Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United followed, announcing their withdrawals on social media. Chelsea should bring up the rear. The twelve founding members are therefore already only seven. A cascade of withdrawals which seems to announce the imminent end of the project. “We made a mistake, we apologise for that“, admitted Arsenal management. “We will not participate in the European Super League”, Manchester United said. “We can confirm that we have officially started the withdrawal procedures from the group in the process of developing a European Super League project“, Tottenham explained. The threats of sanctions wielded by UEFA, but also the mobilisation of supporters throughout the day, got the better of the promises of colossal revenues in marketing and television rights. The plan for a Super League is now looking like a super fiasco. Following in the footsteps of Gianni Infantino, Thomas Bach wanted to bring his voice to the debate. The IOC President said on Tuesday, 20th of April, that “the European sporting model is a unique approach based on the opening up of fair competition which gives priority to sporting merit. This model is threatened today, challenged by a purely profit-driven approach“.