— Published 2 July 2021

Drivers will have their own tablet

Bus Tokyo

The sanitary crisis has made us forget about it, but the transport issue has long been at the top of the list of major challenges for the organisers of the Tokyo Games. With less than a month to go before the opening ceremony, they unveiled on Thursday, July 1st, the device developed in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corp, one of the event’s marketing partners. The main innovation is that drivers of shuttles and official cars will be equipped with digital tablets, which are supposed to provide them with all the information they need for their journey, including departure times, parking areas, their position in relation to the route plan and possible delays because of bad traffic. In addition, the Games’ staff will be required to pre-register their destination via their smartphones when they need an official private vehicle. According to the Japanese organisers, this would have a dual benefit: it would prevent drivers from getting lost on the way to the Games and it would reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, as pre-registration would reduce or even eliminate “conversations between drivers and passengers”. Around 2,200 buses and 2,700 vehicles will be deployed each day during the Games during the most busy times.