— Published 27 April 2021

Denmark wants an independent investigation

Denmark is stepping up its pressure on Qatar, less than two years away from the 2022 World Cup. Their federation has very officially asked FIFA to continue its action for the respect of human rights in the Gulf state. They call for an “independent investigation” into the fate of migrant workers employed on the construction sites of the 2022 World Cup stadiums. “We obviously expect this investigation to be thorough and independent“, explains the Danish Football Federation in its letter, sent at the end of the week spent at FIFA, but published on Monday April 26. At the origin of this initiative, the president of the federation, Jesper Moller, and the general manager, Jakob Jensen. “We do not believe that the desired improvements for migrant workers have been achieved“, suggest the two Danes. “We want action now. We are against awarding the World Cup to Qatar and we are critical of the human rights situation in the country”. A month earlier, the players of the Danish national team had started the movement by appearing on the lawn, before a qualifying match at the World Cup, dressed in t-shirts displaying the message: “Football supports change”. Their initiative was then taken up, in the following days, by several other European selections.