— Published 26 March 2021

Denmark ready to clear public for Euro

Good news for UEFA: the Danish government announced on Thursday, March 25th, its decision to allow at least 11 000 spectators per match during the Euro (June 10 to July 10, 2021) for the four fixtures in Copenhagen. The announcement was made by Danish Culture and Sports Minister, Joy Mogensen, in a statement. The gauge of 11 to 12 000 spectators could possibly be raised, if sanitary conditions allow it, but it could also be lowered in the event of a new wave of the pandemic. In such a scenario, the Danish authorities might have to ban spectators. Entering semi-confinement at Christmas time, Denmark has recorded between 700 and 800 cases of COVID-19 per day, a very sharp drop compared to last December. UEFA said this month that it is keen on the public’s presence at Euro matches. Its president, Slovenian Aleksander Ceferin, even brandished the threat of withdrawal from the meetings for the host cities which could not assure a certain number of spectators in the stadiums.