— Published 19 August 2021

D – 1 one year to the 2022 edition


One year to go before the Games of La Francophonie. The next edition of the international sporting and cultural event is due to be held from August 19th-28th, 2022, in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Initially scheduled for this year, it was postponed for twelve months because of the sanitary crisis. With just one year to go before the Games, there are still a few grey areas regarding the organization. According to the local media, the budget is not defined yet. It varies between 100 and 150 million dollars, but could be revised downwards in the coming months. A savings plan is being prepared. It should be supervised by the Congolese Ministry of Finance. The progress status of the venues’ construction or renovation also raises questions. A report by the International Committee of the Games of La Francophonie (CIJF), published last June, pointed out several concerning subjects, particularly regarding the event’s management and the delay of construction works. It was an electroshock for the DRC’s political authorities. Since then, the Prime Minister seems to have taken things in hand. He brought all stakeholders together in order to speed things up and make up for the delays. Several ministries have been involved. The DRC government has confirmed that the Games will be held on the scheduled dates. But with only one year to go, time is running out.