— Published 4 March 2021

Confidence is increasing

Is the trend reversing? Two opinion polls on Japanese perception of the Tokyo Games have been conducted in recent weeks, within 150 days of opening. In both cases, a majority of those interviewed said they were opposed to the organisation of the event on the scheduled dates. But the mistrust of the Japanese public is now expressed in a more nuanced way than in previous surveys. The Yomiuri Shimbun daily poll revealed that 58% of people polled do not want the Tokyo Games to take place in 2021. This result is down about 20 points from the latest measurements of Japanese opinion. The Japanese daily poll was conducted between January 18th and February 25th, a time when much of Japan was in a state of emergency. The same survey reveals renewed interest in the Games, with 70% of respondents saying they are “very interested” (30%) or “somewhat interested” (40%) in the Olympic and Paralympic event. Finally, the Japanese say they are overwhelmingly (91%) opposed to the idea of ​​organising the Games with the number of spectators initially planned by the organisers. They believe that the events should take place with a greatly reduced audience, if any audience at all. Another poll, carried out by the consultancy firm Kekst CNC, shows the same trend, with a rate of mistrust of the Games of 56% among the Japanese public.