— Published 24 February 2021

Concern wins the Paralympic movement

At six months until the opening of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, mistrust of the event is spreading to the disabled movement in Japan. Two opinion polls conducted by national media reveal the same trend, which is not very favourable to maintaining the Games in the midst of a health crisis. The daily Yomiuri Shimbun interviewed the 26 Japanese disabled sports organisations involved in the Tokyo Paralympic Games. No less than 88% of them are worried that the event will trigger another wave of the pandemic. Last August, the same poll showed a less spectacular result, with concern about the Games being shared by 77% of those questioned. The other opinion poll was carried out by NHK. Its results are more nuanced, but two-thirds of those polled (66%) express fears that the gatherings of people induced by the Paralympic Games will contribute to the spread of the virus. “It will also be extremely stressful to organise an event like this while focusing on preventive measures”, several Japanese disabled sports organisations have agreed.