— Published 14 September 2021

CONCACAF open to a World Cup every two years

World Cup

The debate on the project of the organization of a World Cup every two years keeps dividing the football world. This was to be expected. After the wave of opponents, FIFA is now receiving statements from several supporters. They carry weight. The Confederation of North, Central America and the Caribbean, the powerful CONCACAF, expressed its opinion on Monday, September 13th. The Confederation says it favours the project led by Arsène Wenger, FIFA’s director of football development. “Our first analysis is to recognise the merits of creating new international calendars based on fewer international breaks, reduced travel for players, friendly matches replaced by meaningful matches and a more balanced structure for the overall benefit of football development on a global scale,” the continental body explained in a statement. “We will continue to examine these proposals constructively, with an open mind and in a spirit of positive engagement. CONCACAF is pleased that FIFA’s Head of Development, Mr Arsene Wenger, has been transparent in sharing his vision and we are currently studying the impact of the proposed changes on football in North and Central America and the Caribbean”. It is not clear, however, whether Gianni Infantino and FIFA can count on CONCACAF’s votes in the event of a vote. The body made it clear in its statement that it would join the majority, without seeking to divide the camps. “This is not the time for fearmongering,” it suggests. “All members of the global football family must come together to find a collaborative formula”.