— Published 21 May 2021

Companies are largely opposed to the Games

Tokyo 2020

With nine weeks to go before the opening of the Games, public opinion is not the only one in Japan to express its distrust towards Tokyo Olympics. The economic world is also opposed to the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic event. According to a survey conducted by Nikkei Research for Reuters, nearly 70% of Japanese businesses want the Tokyo Olympics to be cancelled or postponed. The survey was conducted from May 6th to 17th among 480 medium and large Japanese companies. It reveals that 37% of them are in favor of a cancellation, while 32% wanted a postponement. Last February, a similar survey targeted the same companies, but showed more measured results. At that time, 29% were in favor of a cancellation, while 36% wished a postponement. About a quarter of the companies who responded to the survey anticipate significant economic losses if the Games are cancelled, but the majority of them (60%) believe that they would be limited.