— Published 26 April 2022

China wiped off the map

The Peng Shuai affair has disappeared from the news since the 2022 Beijing Winter Games, but its consequences on women’s professional tennis remain spectacular. WTA boss Steve Simon announced on Sunday (24 April) that there would be no women’s professional tennis tournaments held in China in 2022. “We remain committed to finding a solution, the American told the Tennis Podcast, referring to the Peng Shuai case. We want to find a resolution that Peng can be comfortable with, the Chinese government can be comfortable with, and we can be comfortable with. We are not about walking away from China. We have suspended our operations there right now. We will continue to do that until we get to a resolution.” Clearly, the Chinese player’s few high-profile outings during the Beijing Winter Games (pictured above), where she was seen at the venues in deep conversation with Thomas Bach, are not enough for the WTA to close the case. Steve Simon confided that the WTA “has had no recent communication with Peng and the world has not seen her since the Olympics either.” From the start of the case, the WTA requested an official investigation and the opportunity to speak privately with Peng Shuai. But neither was forthcoming.