— Published 28 January 2022

China is annoyed by the US attitude

China is raising its voice. One week before the Beijing 2022 Games (4 to 20 February), the host country of the Olympic event is annoyed by the American attitude and its decision to introduce a diplomatic boycott. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi took advantage of a telephone conversation with his American counterpart, Antony Blinken, to ask the United States to “stop disrupting” the Beijing Winter Games. The Chinese minister also called on Washington to “stop playing with fire” on the Taiwan issue, or “creating all sorts of small factions to oppose China”. The Chinese reaction comes as no surprise. The regime in Beijing is clearly getting tired of the US position, with two Republican members of the House of Representatives this week questioning the executives of NBCUniversal, the exclusive rights holder for the Games in the US, about the influence that China and the IOC might have on their coverage of the 2022 Winter Games.