— Published 28 August 2023

China cleans up its act

An upheaval in China. More than 500 days after the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, China has announced that it has opened an investigation into the former head of its delegation. Ni Huizhong, 54, is suspected of “serious violations of discipline and law.” Translate, the Chinese official, who held the position of Secretary General of the Chinese delegation to the Winter Games, is accused of corruption. The precise charges against him were not specified, but Ni Huizhong is not the only Chinese sports leader in the crosshairs of the law. He is just the latest in a series of officials and technical executives targeted by the authorities since the end of last year, as part of a vast campaign against corruption in sport. Former national soccer coach Li Tie was indicted earlier this month on bribery charges. He was alleged to have received bribes.