— Published 12 September 2022

Chengdu to fill up

With less than a month to go before the event, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has unveiled the list of countries that will participate in the 2022 World Team Championships in Chengdu, China, starting on 30 September. Despite the health context and the rigorous measures taken by the Chinese organisers, there are no notable absentees. All the qualified nations will be present, for the first edition of the world event since 2016 (the 2020 World Team Championships in Busan, South Korea, were cancelled). The teams will arrive in Chengdu on Monday 26 September on special flights chartered by the ITTF. The draw for the first phase is scheduled for Wednesday 28 September. Foreign delegations will be able to enter and leave Chengdu without having to undergo quarantine. But a health bubble has been set up around the event, very similar to that of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, with official hotels linked to the competition site by a dedicated transport system. The World Table Tennis Championships will be the only international sporting event to be held in China since the 2022 Beijing Games, and probably the last by the end of the year.