— Published 18 April 2023

CFDT will not call for disruption of the Games

Paris 2024 Games victims of pension reform? The secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger (photo above), is opposed to this. The union leader assured an interview on France 2 on Monday 17 April that he would not call for the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be disrupted to demonstrate against the pension reform. The Olympics should be a celebration, a magical moment for those who love sport, and therefore it is out of the question to make this type of threat or this type of action during the Olympics,” said Laurent Berger. The image of the trade union movement was restored during this period, it assumed its share of responsibility, we said things frankly, sometimes a bit harshly, we never crossed the yellow line. We came out of this period rather better, I’m not in favour of interfering with the smooth running of the Olympic Games. With more than a year to go before the event, it remains difficult to predict the social climate during the summer of 2024, but a campaign has recently emerged on social networks calling for disruption of the Games if the government maintains the pension reform law. There have been many calls on Twitter, with the hashtag #pasderetraitpasdejo gaining momentum.