— Published 12 July 2021

CAS to take up residence in Japan


An old habit. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has announced the opening of two temporary offices in Japan for the Tokyo 2020 Games via a press release. The first one, the ad hoc chamber of the CAS, is intended to resolve possible legal disputes that could arise during the Olympic event. This temporary tribunal has operated at every Summer and Winter Olympic Games since Atlanta 1996. The CAS ad hoc chamber will be able to make decisions within 24 hours in case of urgent issues. It will be presided over by the American Michael Lenard, a former handball player selected for the 1984 Los Angeles Games. He will be assisted by the Austrian Elisabeth Steiner and the Italian Giulio Napolitano. The second temporary office is a section of the CAS Anti-Doping Division. It will be in charge of anti-doping issues arising during the Games, as a first instance authority. This structure, in operation for the third time since its inauguration at the Rio 2016 Games, will deal with potential doping cases transmitted by the International Testing Agency (ITA). It will be chaired by the Swiss Ivo Eusebio, assisted by the American David W. Rivkin.